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Agape is a place where you can get assistance in hard times, but more importantly it's a place where you are seen, heard, and loved.

What does that mean? It means your appointment isn't just about picking up items and leaving. You are greeted by name, genuinely asked how you are doing, and celebrated on your birthday with a birthday basket!


You'll begin every appointment with a mentoring session. Please note, this is not professional counseling. Instead, this is time set aside for you to talk to someone who cares, and recieve Christian encouragement.


While there is no religious pressure, we do want to show you the love of Jesus. If you are wanting to turn or return to a Christ-centered life, we are here to help!

Come to the center to fill out an application.


An appointment will be set as soon as we have an opening!

We ask for your patience as this may take up to a month if we have a waiting list.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

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